Canadian Health&Care Mall Is about Erection

Important Substances to Sustain Erection

In order that the man had no problems with erectile function, in an organism the appropriate balance of certain chemicals, gases and other elements which existence has crucial importance for erectile health is necessary. Such a balance is carried out by the following substances:

  • Collagen. Protein of collagen is the main component in structural fabric in an organism, including carvenous body. Its excessive quantity, however, leads to formation of cicatricial fabric which negatively affects erectile function;
  • Oxygen. The blood rich with oxygen is one of the most important components for man’s health. Oxygen level widely vary – in a quiet state it is lowered, oxygen increases in a condition of an erection many times. Ischemia – obstruction of blood vessels is the main reason for oxygen starvation. Also heart disorders, such as atherosclerosis and other, can promote emergence of erectile dysfunction;
  • Testosterone and other hormones. Normal level of hormones, especially testosterone, is important for erectile function. If you come across with erectile dysfunction you are welcome on Canadian Health and Care Mall. It is the only online pharmacy where people may find well qualified and effective preparations to treat erectile dysfunction.


Risk Factors of Erectile Dysfunction


For most of men developing of erectile dysfunction first of all is connected with age: than the patient is more senior, a high probability to ache with this disorder. However usually severe form of erectile dysfunction is often connected not with age, and with age diseases which inevitably arise. In particular, at elderly men, is more often than at young people, various heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure meet. These problems with health, and also methods of their treatment are the reasons of erectile dysfunction developing.


The use of tobacco leads to erectile dysfunction development. This results from the fact that other disorders of blood system are aggravated, including atherosclerosis and high arterial pressure develops.

Alcohol intake

The continuous consumption of alcoholic beverages is the reason of erectile dysfunction developing. Alcohol negatively affects the central nervous system, and also significantly reduces sexual activity.

Abuse of drugs

Illegal drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana influence sexual function not in the best way.

Weight and inactive way of life

Obesity is one of major factors of risk for erectile dysfunction emergence. The lack of physical exercises and sedentary life leads to developments of stagnation in small basin and to other problems with health, connected with erectile dysfunction.

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