Symptoms observed at nervous asthma are the same as at bronchial. They are the same bronchospasm, profuse sweating, choking cough attacks, weakness in the whole body, fear.

Asthma on the nervous background is considered by doctors as asthma-like condition. It is completely curable if properly determine the reason, caused it, and take all measures for its elimination.


Bronchial Asthma

Probably there is no such person, who has not heard words such as asthma and asthmatic. Far from this disease people imagine it in the form of instant coughing, difficulties with breathing, panting. According to many, asthma is a problem for the whole life.

Those who are familiar with the disease, are adjusting to life with it, trying to subdue this disease, not to submit. At bronchial asthma patients experience dyspnea, coughing, rattling noises. This happens because bronchial tubes constrict.

The disease is very common among all social strata. It affects people of all ages, but most of all children.

At most people, asthma is of mild severity. Such patients obtain minimal treatment. Modern medicine contains in its arsenal enough effective means, so death rate from asthma is constantly decreasing, and disease aggravation becomes less dangerous, as it was previously.

But not all patients get proper treatment. This happens for various reasons: lack of responsibility at patients (non-compliance with attending doctor’s recommendations, refused treatment, etc.), lack of medical attention to patients. Medical ignorance of people plays a significant role, many are not aware of modern methods of treatment that can successfully control patient’s state.