Erectile Dysfunction

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Despite the many advantages of buying antibiotics canadian health&care mall from the online pharmacy, it is important to note that the medication should be used appropriately. Should a patient forget to take the medication, they should take the prescribed dosage as soon as they remember. Taking double dose to make up should not be done. The dosage should also be completed even when the patient starts feeling well.

It is also important to note that antibiotics are only meant for infections that are caused by bacteria. Infections such as colds, flu, bronchitis, some types of sinus and ear infections among others are caused by viruses hence antibiotics won’t help to treat them. It is important to establish the type of infection one is suffering from before making a purchase of antibiotics online.

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How does Stendra Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem in men. It is a disorder by which you are unable to get or maintain an erection. This is also known as impotence. The common symptoms of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Unable to get an erection
  • Inability to maintain erection long enough for sexual intercourse
  • Inability to obtain an erection that is firm enough for intercourse

Some of the most common causes of ED are:

  • Heart problems
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Side effects of other drugs
  • Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Injury in the pelvic region
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

However, there are drugs for treating erectile dysfunction like avanafil or Stendra.


How Does The Drug Work?

The drug is known to increase the blood flow to the penis which helps in getting an erection. However, the drug does not work if you are not sexually stimulated.

Side Effects of the Drug

Some of the common side effects of the drug are:

  • Flushing
  • Dizziness
  • Headache

Usually, these side effects subside when you stop taking the medicine but if you notice that the problem persists then you should immediately consult the doctor. If you have to reduce the effect of the lightheadedness or dizziness, make sure that you get up slowly from a lying or a sitting position.

However, Canadian Health&Care Mall is of the opinion that you should just stop using the medicine, if you incur side effects like:

  • Changes in vision
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Redness of the face or chest
  • Diarrhea
  • Back pain
  • Constipation
  • Stomach upset
  • Stuffy nose
  • Sore throat
  • Sinus pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling in the hands and feet
  • Painful erection


Canadian Health&Care Mall believes that you need to maintain some precaution before taking the oral drug. You should inform the pharmacist or the doctor if you have allergies to the drug or some allergies in general. Convey your medical details to the doctor, especially if you have a history of:

  • Heart attack
  • Chest pain
  • Stroke in the last 6 months
  • Liver disease
  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • A severe loss of water from the body
  • History of prolonged and painful erection
  • Eye problems
  • Bleeding disorders

Since this drug makes you dizzy to some extent, you should avoid doing activities that need you to be alert.


DRUG INTERACTIONYou should not take this drug you are using a nitrate drug for your heart problems or chest pain. This is because taking this drug along with nitrate might lead to sudden and serious drop in the blood pressure. Riociguat is also known to react with Stendra.

Also make sure that you are not taking an alpha blocker for enlarged prostate, as this too might react with the drug to cause a drop in the blood. Contact a doctor and talk about the problem. The doctor might suggest you a lower dosage of the medicine.

There are other medications that might affect the removal of avanafil from the body. This might affect the way in which the drug works. Such medicines include:

  • HIV protease inhibitors
  • Hepatitis C virus protease inhibitors
  • Nefazodone
  • Rifampin
  • Macrolide antibiotics
  • Cobicistat
  • Azole antifungals

Canadian Pharmacy Mall: Erectile dysfunction and Vitamins

There has been a lot of information in the media in regards to the dietary supplements. Many people are resulting to the use of these supplements over the erectile dysfunction medication. The question is, are they safe? Well there lacks sufficient research on the topic. But, there have been studies that have reported positive results over the use of these supplements.

The different supplements to use

There are different types of natural vitamin supplements that you can take to improve on the condition. Before you can choose any of the dietary supplements, you need to contact any of the health professionals at Canadian Pharmacy Mall. You will get more information on the topic and how to take the supplements.

Vitamins for ED

The different supplements that you can use include:

  • Dehydroepiandrostetone of DHEA; different studies have indicated that the vitamin can help in ED. It has been said that men who lack this hormone tend to experience the ED. The vitamin should however be taken with caution as it can cause acne.
  • L-arginine; this is an amino acid that usually affects the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for the blood flow in the male organ. When you have the nitric oxide in the body, it will promote the blood flow enlarging the blood vessels which will eventually lead to you having an erection. You need to be cautious when taking these supplements as it can cause side effects like nausea, cramps and even diarrhea. Take note that is you are taking the supplement you need to keep off Viagra.
  • Propionyl L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine; these two vitamins have been reported to help in the production of testosterone hormone. Older men who suffer from erectile dysfunction tend to have low levels of these hormones. You can take the propionyl L-carnitine with Viagra for maximum results. You need to take the supplement under medical supervision.
  • Ginseng; a study that was done on the supplements showed that it improves sexual health among men. The many active ingredients in the supplement are what will provide you with positive results. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, you can use the cream version of the substance to improve the condition. You need to take the supplements for a short period of time. Prolonged use can lead to insomnia.
  • Yohimbe; there has been many different clinical trial that have been done on the herb. Most of the reports have concluded that the ingredients in the herb can improve the erectile dysfunction. You need to be careful when you are taking this herb. This is because of the different side effects like blood pressure and irregular heart beat. You are advised not to take this drug without the doctor’s supervision.

It is important for you to consider taking the medications to treat the ED because of the insufficient information on the supplements. However, if you insist on taking the dietary supplement, you need to therefore ensure that you consult any of the Canadian Pharmacy Mall professionals. They will be able to give you more information on the matter.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction by Different Methods

Erectile dysfunction is also referred to impotence. It is actually the inability to get or maintain erection. This is a very common phenomenon in men. The common causes of ED are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • Low levels of testosterone
  • Side effects of medicine
  • Surgery of prostate cancer

Mens health

This is a common problem that can occur in all men above eighteen years of age. The symptoms of ED are:

  • Erection not strong enough to penetrate vagina
  • Inability to obtain erection
  • Penile erection is obtained does not sustain the entire length of the intercourse.

When you browse through Canadian Health Care Mall, you will find that there are various alternatives for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This medical condition can be treated by using the drug Viagra. This drug came into the market in the year 1988. However, there are now other medications for treating ED like Cialis and Levitra.

The methods to treat erectile dysfunction have been enumerated below.

Penile Injection

A way by which you can treat erectile dysfunction is by using penile injection. This process takes the help of an injection to inject the drug direction which triggers an erection. If you are unable or don’t want to take pills then this is the most effective procedure for you. Urologists have suggested that this technique has a very high success rate. Nonetheless, there are side effects like burning sensation and priapism.

Surgical Implant

Surgery is another way by which you can fix the problem. According to Canadian Health Care Mall this treatment offers and instant and effective solution to the problem. However, there are some risks involved as there can be a breakdown or infection as surgery needs an implant pump that pumps fluid through the ring that placed in the penis.

Vacuum Pump

This method can be used when you do not or cannot take pills. A vacuum pump causes erection by forcing blood through the penis. There are certain side effects of this treatment which includes, bruising and numbness of the organ due to the force that is applied. However, the ring should not be worn for more than half an hour.

Treat erectile dysfunction

Sex Therapy

In case, ED is caused due to anxiety or stress then the key to cure it is to have sex therapy. A poor relationship might lead to this problem and this is the reason many health professional resort to psychological approach to treat erectile dysfunction.

Herbal Treatment

You can also opt for herbal treatment. This method involves taking herb formulated for this purpose. This method is known to have the least side effects but is slower than the other treatment methods.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormonal therapy is used when you have a low level of testosterone. It helps to increase your desire through injections and patches by improving the sensation in the skin. This therapy also works for non-mechanical issues of ED. However, the side effect of this can lead to bigger problems, like enlargement of prostate and increase in acne.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Is about Erection

Important Substances to Sustain Erection

In order that the man had no problems with erectile function, in an organism the appropriate balance of certain chemicals, gases and other elements which existence has crucial importance for erectile health is necessary. Such a balance is carried out by the following substances:

  • Collagen. Protein of collagen is the main component in structural fabric in an organism, including carvenous body. Its excessive quantity, however, leads to formation of cicatricial fabric which negatively affects erectile function;
  • Oxygen. The blood rich with oxygen is one of the most important components for man’s health. Oxygen level widely vary – in a quiet state it is lowered, oxygen increases in a condition of an erection many times. Ischemia – obstruction of blood vessels is the main reason for oxygen starvation. Also heart disorders, such as atherosclerosis and other, can promote emergence of erectile dysfunction;
  • Testosterone and other hormones. Normal level of hormones, especially testosterone, is important for erectile function. If you come across with erectile dysfunction you are welcome on Canadian Health and Care Mall. It is the only online pharmacy where people may find well qualified and effective preparations to treat erectile dysfunction.


Risk Factors of Erectile Dysfunction


For most of men developing of erectile dysfunction first of all is connected with age: than the patient is more senior, a high probability to ache with this disorder. However usually severe form of erectile dysfunction is often connected not with age, and with age diseases which inevitably arise. In particular, at elderly men, is more often than at young people, various heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure meet. These problems with health, and also methods of their treatment are the reasons of erectile dysfunction developing.


The use of tobacco leads to erectile dysfunction development. This results from the fact that other disorders of blood system are aggravated, including atherosclerosis and high arterial pressure develops.

Alcohol intake

The continuous consumption of alcoholic beverages is the reason of erectile dysfunction developing. Alcohol negatively affects the central nervous system, and also significantly reduces sexual activity.

Abuse of drugs

Illegal drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana influence sexual function not in the best way.

Weight and inactive way of life

Obesity is one of major factors of risk for erectile dysfunction emergence. The lack of physical exercises and sedentary life leads to developments of stagnation in small basin and to other problems with health, connected with erectile dysfunction.

Canadian Health Care Mall points out that it is very important to take under control your bad habits to avoid the erectile dysfunction emergence. We are offering you to order Viagra, Cialis or Levitra via our service to stimulate erection and moreover to sustain it sufficiently enough for carry out the sexual intercourse.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

The most widespread problem of male reproductive system is erectile dysfunction which consists in erection, insufficient for commission of sexual intercourse. Undoubtedly, it puts rather strong negative psychological pressure, however it is necessary to remember that about 95% of cases of erectile dysfunction give in to treatment.

What means for erectile dysfunction is better Viagra, Cialis or Levitra

At the moment the most effective medicines for treatment of this disease are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Very often people are interested in what of these preparations best of all to what to give preference? Action of each of these preparations differs a little from each other, and we will try to provide you with the main information concerning these distinctions. All three preparations for the best effect demand sexually excited. Canadian Health&Care Mall has these preparations of various dosages and types in assortment to provide men with possibility to satisfy the sexual life.

Comparison of Viagra and Cialis

In comparison “what is better – Viagra or Cialis” in respect of combination with food a situation is as follows: Viagra is recommended to take on hungry stomach, Cialis acts equally successfully irrespective of meal. Levitra’s efficiency can decrease a little after the greasy food use.

sexual intercourse

Comparison of Viagra and Levitra

On the following question “what is better-Viagra or Levitra” relating to action duration such answer is given: the largest duration of action at Cialis (36 hours), on the second place in this comparison – Levitra with its 10-12 hours, and takes only the third place Viagra which effect continues 5-6 hours. Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that it is up to you to decide what effect you are going to achieve.

What are common at these preparations?

Advantage of all 3 preparations is a small amount of side effects. Face reddening, headache, dizziness, nose congestion belong to the most widespread. These side effects were observed approximately at 10% of patients who accepted one of preparations. Also it is necessary to know that specific feature of an organism demands the use of some one medicine. Effect of Viagra is studied thoroughly, it is a powerful preparation with the shortest duration of action. Cialis’s advantage is its big term of impact on an organism therefore it is possible to enter sexual relations at any time during preparation action. Levitra is the safest preparation, causes least of all by-effects, its efficiency isn’t influenced by food and drink.

From all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that in comparison Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are not present the pronounced leader, reception of these preparations depends on specific features of an organism of each person. These preparations are drugs, and the doctor has to appoint or forbid drugs. One patient best of all will suit Viagra while the others will prefer Levitra and Cialis. It is the individual choice.

Man’s Activators Offered by Canadian Health&Care Mall

And so what excites a man’s half of mankind so strongly and what man’s activator operates best of all. Well we will begin with the fact that men are excited most of all by 3 things: power, money and women. We do not mean the power of being chief of plant, the owner of firm and he has that at which he is a governor in submission tens, hundreds and thousands of people, can be enough for the man the power over one person, for example over one girl.

But now we are going to explain you about the main ways to excite the man, to learn about the preparations raising a potentiality exist. It would be desirable to begin with a mention of the preparation, most popular in the world, – men’s Viagra (Viagra), this medicine which is most bought in the world helping men at erectile dysfunction. So if you the beginner in this case we advise to begin with this tablet. Moreover you may easily place an order via Canadian Health&Care Mall, an universal global online store shipping remedies for erectile dysfunction treatment.


On the second place, perhaps, it is possible to put the well-known tablet from the American company Eli Lilly and Company – Cialis (tadalafil), this preparation has been nicknamed “the day off tablet” because of the long-term effect. Cialis can work within 36 hours, that is during this time you without problems will be able to show an erection.

Also it would be desirable to mention a preparation of the German company Bayer (Bayer) – the preparation has been called Levitra. It is also created for the men having problems with an erection and may be delivered by Canadian Health&Care Mall. It is three main preparations helping men to struggle with erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Also there are various folk remedies for increase of potency which are made of natural substances – roots, honey, various herbs.
You shouldn’t forget that in most cases a potency problem is considered to be psychological. Not suitable woman, nervousness, not necessary situation. Don’t forget dear women what the man would be excited, you need also to make some efforts – beautiful underwear, purity smell from body, the excellent activator is the romantic situation.

There are cases when try to compare what preparations – Viagra, Cialis or Levitra – are more effective, more suitable and more universal. But the answer is the following: you cannot say what preparation is the best because so many men so many minds. All the cases of erectile dysfunction emergence are universal that’s why the drugs are prescribed by the doctor may have the controversial effect.
So that you may test all these preparations on yourself and then decide what is more suitable for you. Viagra, as it was mentioned above, is the universal and the most popular preparation worldwide but it doesn’t mean they are suitable for all without any exceptions at all. Command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall, read more about these remedies and place an order.