How Should Pills Be Taken Correctly? The Explanation Is Given by Canadian Health&Care Mall

antibioticsHow should pills be taken correctly? On this simple question not everyone can give the correct answer. Someone washes down antibiotics with milk and aspirin with hot tea. The variants are enormous but whether they are all suitable for us? As and than to wash down tablets that efficiency of their reception was maximum, and consequences expected and, of course, positive. And after all the results of the wrong drug intake can be negative as well. One and the same preparation depending on circumstances can have different effect, – the scientists speak. We treat one, and another we cripple.

Today we will be sure that the following of the instruction for use is one of the most important aspects during treatment. You may buy drugs in the ordinary drug stores or order them via Canadian Health&Care Mall but the main idea is still the same – the drugs should be taken correctly.

Having cold or flu we often take aspirin. We drink it as well at heavy minutes of hangover. And still we take a small dose of this “absolutely harmless” preparation daily for the purpose of “blood thinning” with the purpose blood clots do not appear. And who from us at least once looked in the list of contraindications of this “national favourite”? And everything is in vain! It will be more extensive, than at many other drugs! And if you have a stomach ulcer, chronic gastritis or problems with intestines, liver and kidneys, forget about aspirin at all! Don’t remember it and in case of an allergy literally to everything and also if you got used to choke with cough, aspirin strengthens asthma attacks. And still it breaks blood circulation and increases the arterial pressure therefore it can’t be “mixed” with cardiovascular preparations.

And especially women shouldn’t drink it with menstrual cycle violations. In all these cases it is better to accept other preparation, ibuprofen for example. It treats group nonsteroid anti-inflammatory, anesthetics. It is used often at treatment of arthritis. But also it has contraindications, for example ulcer colitis. If to swallow aspirin and ibuprofen together, you won’t feel anything: the ibuprofen will simply block “the effect of aspirin diluting blood”. For achievement of the necessary effect wait a couple of hours that aspirin managed “to make the business” — to lower risk of thrombus formation. You may find these preparations and order them via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

And it is better not to mix up homogeneous drugs at all. If you suffer from toothache and you take analginum for the night and it doesn’t help you, it is not reasonable to take all analgesics at once. There can be liver necrosis that threatens with urgent change of this organ. And effect of analginum is four times more dangerous to elderly people and women of different ages especially those who take psychotropic drugs, including usual sleeping pill.

What difference when to take medicine — on an empty stomach or after food? Whether it is possible to wash down a pill with tea, coffee or alcohol? About all this usually are written in the instructions for use. But who reads “this information”? And in vain! The food, gastric juice, digestive enzymes and bile which are allocated in the course of its digestion, can interact with drugs and change their properties. For this reason it is absolutely not indifferent when medicine is taken: on an empty stomach (in 4 hours after food or in 30 min. prior to the following meal), in time or after food. It is very important to accept preparation at that time which is specified by the doctor or it is recommended in the instruction. Otherwise medicine can become simply useless or even to do harm.

As you understand it is very important to follow the strict rules and moreover all the preparations are provided with the instruction for use where it is written in black and white how to take the preparation. Be attentive it will receive you mare good than harm.