Empowered by Work

Empowered Sports ClubEmpowered Work-4-Credit Application

“The main aim of Empowered Sports Club is to foster young sportsmen through physical, spiritual, and mental apprenticeship.”

Application guidelines:

Application Deadline is April 25, 2014

Recipient Notification is May 2, 2014

All filling in forms must be written in by a parent or tutor at law.

Parents may admit for more than one child per family. Please utilize distinctive filling in forms and specifications numbers for each child.

Work-4-credit capabilities are bestowed for the current season and are not automatically renovated annually. All club regulations and policies are fit for visitors. The staff stores the right to remove any player from the plan who misfortunes to follow with the regulations, policies, and staff directives of the club. Program partnership will be grounded on financial demand, not athletic capability. The essay should be constricted to one page typed or 2 pages written.

We promise you that your children will be protected carefully. If something happens they will be delivered immediate medical aid by our doctors due to Canadian Health&Care Mall remedies.